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Since 2000 Digital Group is providing VSAT services, it started providing the service as a distributor for major service provider such as Divona(Monaco Telecom) , Mach-Six, Early 2001 the first Hughe DirecWay link was installed in the Libyan desert, on 2002 the first SCPC link and also the first DVB-RCS were installed, on 2005 the first Point to Multi Point linked was installed, on 2008 Digital Launched its DVB-RCS hub (Teleskies) that's hosted in UK to provide service for Europe, North Africa and Middle East, on 2010 Digital launched SCPC/DVB hub (ADS) hosted in USA to provide direct connectivity from North Africa to USA.

The company has also been chosen by major service providers to provide installation and technical support to their customers in Libya and neighboring countries, working as ground operator for Telesat in Libya and Tunisia and providing local installation and technical support for firms such as NSSL, BT Turkey, NewSat Communications and CapRock Communications.